The Good Time Girls Books 1 & 2
The Good Time Girls Books 1 & 2
The Good Time Girls Books 1 & 2
The Good Time Girls Books 1 & 2
The Good Time Girls Books 1 & 2
The Good Time Girls Books 1 & 2

The Good Time Girls Books 1 & 2

"Rip-roaring fun and adventure. Pip and Ruby are a hoot, y'all!" - Amazon Review
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It's 1905 Kansas. Join Ruby Calhoun and Pip Quinn, two former dancehall girls turned accidental outlaws, as they ride mules, wade creeks, steal automobiles, and jump freight trains, while trying to stay one step ahead of their foes and another two steps ahead of the law.

Join Ruby and Pip in their rollicking misadventures - it's a wild ride filled with laughs, joy, and the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood.

Read an excerpt here.

What Readers Are Saying

Expertly drawn characters, a setting that feels like you are there, and sharp dialogue gives the story an abundance of energy. This is another success for author KT Blakemore!

Besieged by Books

A delightful, fast-paced romp with two feisty heroines who are sure to steal your heart!

P.K. - Amazon Vine Voice

The story is so well-written that I was lost to the time period and living out the heart-pounding escapades along with them. I loved every minute of it.

Lisa A. - Goodreads

Spirited, whimsical, quirky, mischievous, irreverent, and full of dry wit.

Historical Novel Review

I adored this charming, light-hearted series about 1900s life in the west, the early movie industry, and the bonds of friendship. 

G.P. Gottlieb - GoodReads

About the Books


The Good Time Girls

2023 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award Finalist

Set in 1905 Kansas, Ruby Calhoun, an ex-dancehall girl, faces a perilous past when her old partner arrives with a dangerous mission. Pursued by a relentless enemy, Ruby and Pip embark on a madcap road trip through the Kansas hinterlands, encountering mishaps and eccentric characters. 

As they confront their turbulent past, the question looms: Will Ruby find the courage to face it, or will she flee once more? Join these accidental outlaws in a tale of wild women, unbreakable friendships, and unexpected redemption.

The Good Time Girls Get Famous

In the latest "Good Time Girls" escapade, accidental outlaws Ruby Calhoun and Pip Quinn become legendary as the silent film industry takes interest in their story. Offered a chance to star as themselves, they aim for fame, fortune, and a Mexican escape. 

However, navigating the turbulent world of filmmaking proves challenging, with the law hot on their trail. Facing half-truths, tall tales, and a resurfaced foe, the duo must outsmart the law, rescue Ruby's sister, and secure their freedom with the help of friends in the uproarious novel "The Good Time Girls Get Famous."
"If you like bold women and stories of the West, you will love this literary adventure!"


- Kari Bovee

Bestselling author, Annie Oakley series

"Tough, gritty, and often humorous wild ride of danger, death, narrow escapes, and yes, even love."

James Robert Daniels

Bestselling Author, The Comanche Kid

About the Wild-Willed Women of the West (and Me)

I grew up in the American west and never left. There's so much the draws me and keeps me here: big sky and lemon yellow prairies, red rock canyons and deep river gorges, craggy peaks and thundering
ocean. And the people. Tough and practical. Tied to the land. Dreamers and schemers. 

The first novel I wrote was Cissy Funk, a young adult novel set during the Great Depression on the desolate plains of eastern Colorado. The novel won the Willa Literary Award from Women Writing the West and that pleased me greatly. 

Then I turned to the east coast - 1883 New York City for Bowery Girl. Then a series of award-winning historical thrillers set in New Hampshire in the mid and late 19th century. 

All the while, the west called me home. Then came a prompt in a writing workshop - and that one page of writing, filled with the noise of a dancehall and the vivaciousness of Pip and Ruby, blossomed into the books you have here. I fell in love with the two women. With their grit and humor and terrible planning and their friendship. 

Like Lucy and Ethel, Hope and Crosby, Thelma and Louise - Pip and Ruby are an example of undying loyalty and a big dose of fun. 

I think you'll love them, too. 

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